Covered in obscurity 1 – Deep Purple Machine Head

Covered in obscurity 1 - Machine head


Nowadays it is very popular by record labels to create cover versions of classic albums or a best of collection, where other musicians/groups covers classics.

The idea popped into my mind, that a lot of obscure artist made tons of covers and it would be nice to play around the idea “what if record labels would have made a cover version around the release of the album?” by collecting and arranging covers to “recreate” legendary albums. Meanwhile, I try to present some rarely known hard rock/blues rock/prog bands which fit to the topic of the blog.

There will be two slight difference here in comparison to the blog – I will present some well known groups here, although I try to focus not their well known covers (e.g. Led Zeppelin – You Shook Me), but rare bootlegs or live recordings, where they cover some of their predecessors. On the other hand, such unknown bands will appear here as well, who acted as a cover band, therefore they made no official recordings (thus they would not have a chance to get attention even from obscure collectors). Still, as we shall hear, some of them interpreted classics uniquely or spiced up them with some jams, so they definitely worth to be remembered!

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