Rat Salad Residuals Vol 2.: Remnants in the ember


This is the second collection of music and information from obscure bands from the 60’s and the 70’s.
Similarly to the first post, this contains general mixture of hard rock, blues & prog rock artist from all around the world. However, as I already stated in the opening post, sometimes I will detour from Rich’s original post – and this time already came! The cause of it, that I already presented Jericho Jones in the first post (while I reviewed Jericho’s history) thus I skip them now. Rich also covered Crank’s sole release. As a compensation, I try to reveal more interesting music and info from the others (especially about Omega and Lucifer’s Friend, which will be introduced in detail in a separate post). In addition, I shall detour from Rich’s numbering, as if I would keep it with that, it would result even longer posts than the first one was. This means (somewhat) shorter articles, which can be easier to run through for you and more flexibility and more frequent posting for me.

Do you dare to sweep over the hot embers to discover what others tried to remove from the past?

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Covered in obscurity 2 – Led Zeppelin I


It was quite a long ago, when I offered new content, but hopefully, I can present some interesting materials in compensation! The Rat Salad Residuals series will continue, but for now, I’d like to present a new Covered in Obscurity post, where obscure bands covered the tracks of well-known artists.

The debut album of Led Zeppelin rightfully earned its’ success and fame, as a milestone for the hard rock, heavy metal and to the rock music in general. One of the perfect albums of the history of music, where every song were superb both on their own and together as an album. Talented musicians played in top form and with their innovation technique and virtuose playing, all the four of them became major influence of hundreds of thousands. More importantly: their creation and themselves became one of the legends and their heritage lives on and influence music lovers all around the globe decades after the original release.

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