Rat Salad Residuals at The Day After Sabbath

Welcome to the Rat Salad Residuals!

My humble blog is a timid effort to homage to one of the best music historian of the obscure hard rock, proto-metal (specially proto-doom and proto-NWOBHM), psychedelic and heavy prog bands of the 60’s and 70’s, Rich Aftersabbath. In his blog, at The Day After Sabbath he made great compilation series of the above mentioned styles and uncovered thousands rare diamonds from this period.

He made an enormous job in this field, he selected tracks from the LP’s/singles by his taste (which are always on high standards) – partly to present the musically the most appropriate content for the blog, partly to let the followers explore the rest of the records.

Even though I am a great admirer of his work, at some tracks I felt that I wouldn’t choose that into this compilation subjectively or when I dug the records I discovered some tunes which would fit better to the collections. In addition to this, although by fans these tracks are available already on the net, people simply have hard time to dug every track to select the ones by their likening – that’s where the TDATS (The Day After Sabbath) blog helps. Instead of harassing Rich with my tracks and ideas, I decided to run this new blog to collect the “leftovers”, residuals from Rich’s sabbatishque Rat Salad collections and present some additional tracks which the lovers of these genres would appreciate.

From time to time I try to provide my collection of these tracks, based on the original TDATS compilations. I always link the original collection also, if somebody would like to (re)discover them. Also my musical taste might be slightly different from Rich’s, as I’m rather a hard rock lover with wide musical interest (I also like blues rock, prog rock, funk, soul, jazz, classical, but I always experiment with new styles), some might miss the proto-metal heaviness here (even though I like some heavy metal bands, but overall this genre stays far from me). The tracks will vary: where Rich has choose only one track from an overall very good band, I might present more songs from them. At other points, he made very extensive job and covered almost everything from a band, so at some points I might have to skip some groups or even compilations (however, I try to compensate at some other ways). Rich also made his comps more colorful by adding covers of obscure tracks by modern bands. I intend to play a little with this things: sometimes I might present other covers, but occasionally I rather show the same songs covered by other bands or the original version of the song (if available).

One thing left – I try to post these materials as YouTube links. I decided this method, because as I mentioned, these great musics are already out in the net and usually I found them there also, so it is the easiest way to collect and post them. Also due to the relatively good net coverage of the world, hopefully it would not mean any problem to the listeners. On the other hand, these videos might be unavailable (due to copyright issues or the original provider would be deleted) and if the blog reach a longer size I would not have a chance to check every videos. So please, if you find a broken link in the post, please, let me know!

Enjoy the Rat Salad Residuals!


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